Our Fleet

Bus Rental Around California

At Royal American Tours & Charter, we strive hard to provide the best service vehicles for our clients to give them a remarkable experience. Rest assured your travel experience with us will be safe, relaxing and enjoyable. Our vehicles are equipped with clean air engines.

Deluxe Motor Coaches  

We offer several deluxe motor coaches just for you! Our motor coaches are equipped with reclining seats, footrests, headrests, seat belts, individual temperature controls, large luggage compartments, lavatories, multiple monitors, CD and DVD so you can sit back and relax while waiting to arrive in your destination. We can accommodate 45, 50, 55, 56, 57 or 61 passengers.

We provide different kinds of bus rental around the town of California

Luxury Motor Coach

One of our pride when it comes to luxury car rental around Los Angeles is our luxury motor coach! It can accommodate up to 56 passengers and each vehicle is equipped with seat belts, headrest, footrest, reclining seats, overhead luggage area, individual temperature controller and lavatory. Each seat also has electrical outlets, USB plugs and bus luggage compartments.

Ultra Luxury Motor Coach - Mercedes Benz

Aside from luxury motor coach, Royal American Tours & Charter proudly offers ultra-luxury motor coach. It has the same features as the luxury motor coach; the only difference is that it has a refrigerator, sky view and leather seats. For a more comfortable ride, we use Mercedes Benz!


All kinds of Bus Rental in California is made possible by Royal American Tours & Charter. We offer first class minibuses which are all equipped with tall-backed seats and seatbelts and are maintained to an extremely high standard. For our customers’ safety, we only hire professional and knowledgeable drivers. Our minibuses are ideal for groups ranging from 20-30 persons.

Luxury Sedans and SUVs

Isn’t it cool to see a pristine sedan pull up to a restaurant and when the driver opens the door, people can’t help but look to see you step out of the car? Add a little glamour and mystery to your life. Ridesharing companies do not inspect their vehicles nor do they drug test their drivers. As for Royal American Tours & Charter, we are a competent transportation company that takes pride in our work and we make sure each driver is professional and courteous.


Royal American Tours & Charter also has vans for rent. If you are 10 to 14 persons who do not want to rent a minibus, then this one is perfect for you! Just like other vehicles, our vans are also being inspected on a weekly basis to ensure that it is still in its top condition.