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Charter Bus Rental Los Angeles

Royal American Tours offers customers the luxury to choose their preferred destination, or choose one of our tremendous trips. With a sincere emphasis on safety, reliability, and affordability, our tour bus rental services in Los Angeles include Charter Buses, Mini Buses and more.

Contact us today and find out why we are the top tour bus rental company in Los Angeles. Our bus rental services include charter buses, mini buses and more.

Luxury Charter Buses

Los Angeles bus tours set an exciting mood for diverse activities for fun under the sun with all of your friends. Angelenos (nickname for Los Angeles residents) always attempt to carpool as much as possible in Los Angeles. It is an essential style of transportation to avoid our congested freeways. So travel like a local, and carpool with Los Angeles tour buses to your favorite destinations -- even if it is located outside the city’s concrete jungles.

Charter Bus Rental in Los Angeles

What makes us so unique from other charter bus rentals in Los Angeles? Royal American Tours & Charter provides customer flexibility and freedom to choose their unique destination, or trust our handpicked locations to visit. Plus, our great selection comes with valuable, and important factors for a memorable experience: great service, affordable prices, state-of-the-art transportation, and guaranteed safety.

We understand that it can often be difficult to select the best service in Los Angeles, but our noticeable difference in quality makes it one step easier. Whatever your needs for transportation may be, Royal American Tours tour buses can get you there. Our service takes away the hassle of traveling logistics and configurations.

Mini Buses

Mini buses may hold a smaller capacity than your average charter bus, but they bring just as much fun. Be it a group get away, or small school field trip, mini buses provided by Royal American Tours are met with a trademark quality that can only be found in our special services.

A rewarding experience and priceless adventure is a staple of what makes Royal American Tours worth your time. Make the best of your trip and stick with hiring a true mini bus rental supplier that promises great comfort, selection, and adventure at an admirable price.

Mini Bus Rental in Los Angeles

Many trips are served by our greatest Royal American Tours mini buses, and when it comes to mini bus rentals, Los Angeles is home to some of the greatest options out there. Royal American Tours minibuses proves to provide some of the most exceptional mini bus rentals Los Angeles has to offer. With great pricing, effective comfort, and the natural ingredient of fun, Royal American Tours will not disappoint in creating an atmosphere that is impressively safe, memorable, and enjoyable.

Tour bus rental in Los Angeles sets an excellent mood for the perfect vacation or field trip and is just another great way to avoid navigation issues during your visit. So, if you’re looking for the best minibus rental Los Angeles has to offer, be sure to make Royal American Tours mini and charter buses your first choice of bus rentals.

Frequently Asked Questions about Los Angeles Bus Tours (FAQs):

Q. What types of tour bus rentals do you offer?
We offer two types of state-of-the-art charter buses and minibuses each. With our variety from German to North American automotive engineering, we provide the newest and slickest, smooth drives to various destinations.

Regarding charter buses, we offer the following two selections:
-Ultra Luxury Charter Bus: Mercedes-Benz
-Luxury Charter Bus: MCI

Each seat up to 56 passengers comfortably, and provide comfort in amenities and entertainment in spacious luxury.

Regarding minibuses, we offer the following two selections:
-Ultra Luxury Mini Bus: 2019 Ford® E-Series Cutaway Plus
-Luxury Mini Bus: 2019 Ford® E-Series Cutaway Plus

The Ultra Luxury Mini Bus seats up to 30 passengers, whilst the Luxury Mini Bus provides seats up to 24 passengers.

Q. How much does your Los Angeles tour bus rental cost?
Our prices include a standard flat-rate fee for taxes, and fueling purposes. Cost varies per vehicle, party-size, and miles of transportation from departing location. Read more at our official page to get a comprehensive analysis on our rates, or request a free quote with your preferred destination and personal information!
Q. Can we take food or drinks on the charter buses?
We allow, and actually recommend to bring snacks for the road trips. Comfort is highly understood and supported at Royal American Tours. But, for the sake of convenience, we advise avoiding beverages other than water, and smelly foods.
Q. Can we bring alcoholic beverages on the charter buses? Can we smoke on tour bus rental?
Alcohol-consuming, smoking, and vaping are not permitted on board. Although, if requested our chauffeurs stop when best applicable for common comfort.
Q. Where does your charter bus travel?
We travel to various locations that we hold partnerships within Los Angeles and outside: Las Vegas, San Bernardino, San Diego
Q. Do your motorcoaches have restrooms (WC)?
All of our charter buses offer restroom amenities, and stop for provided and requested stop-overs. Only our 24 passenger-seater mini buses do not have restrooms minibuses do not offer restroom amenities
Q. Where can the charter bus come pick us up?
Wherever you indicate! Chartering a tour bus rental with us means your chauffeur will punctually meet you at your directed location and desired time. Neat, right?
Q: What type of amenities do your bus rentals offer
All Royal American Tours luxury bus rentals include DVD players, AM FM radios, PA systems for communication, reclining seats for the ultimate experience, individual reading lights for a late night read, and of course air conditioning for the West Coast.

Our Favorite Destinations in Los Angeles


Majestic celebrity home tours, the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, tours in Santa Monica, and Rodeo Drive. Sunset Strip nightlife, Marina del Rey, and Venice Beach. Los Angeles, California offers a wide array of sightseeing for tourists, and locals alike. Upon your next adventure, check out the various exciting places to see, local food to try, and sights to explore with a group.

The versatile and comfortable use use of a tour bus complements the traffic-congested Los Angeles life. Experience a relaxing, and fun adventure with one of the best tour bus rentals Los Angeles proudly serves.

Travel can be for both business or recreational purposes, but no matter what brought you to the best coast, Los Angeles has tons to offer. LA is home to absolutely stunning food selection, an attractive LA show culture, and magical fun under the sun. Los Angeles provides the aesthetics and proper climate to enjoy walking with the biggest stars in Hollywood, enjoying natural beauty at Runyon Canyon, sitting aside skyscraping architecture, and visiting the enchanted world of Disneyland in Orange County. The amount of fun to have in California is nothing shy of limitless.

The Walk of Fame

There are so many people among the Walk of Fame. Michael Jackson. Charles Aznavour. Elvis Presley. Marilyn Monroe… and others have walked the sidewalks of Hollywood. Now, it is your time to visit California, and literally walk their footsteps of glory. The glitz and glamorous feel of Walk of Fame is sure to ignite an appreciation for the city and all of the brilliant names encased in stars on the famous Hollywood strip.


Mickey Mouse and the rest of Disney’s best awaits not too far from the City Center of Los Angeles. The magical fun makes a memorable experience for adults, adolescents, and children who have all enjoyed Disney’s work of art and films. Sweet roller coasters at California Adventure and Disneyland makes trip for a proper family vacation. Disneyland is considered a place where dreams come true, so it’s no surprise it’s location is within Californian borders. It’s just one of the remarkable destinations that one of the best tour buses Los Angeles can offer will take you!

Hollywood Sign

Probably the most Instagrammable location Southern California can offer. There are pictures of it and paintings of it. It’s one of America’s greatest known locations and one of the best travel destinations in California. The iconic white lettering is enough to make anyone turn their head with the delight of knowing they are truly in Tinseltown, California. It’s an American film landmark, and truly an amazing experience to visit. Its history and construction hold significance in itself to finally make your mark and get a picturesque view of Californication.

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