Beautiful Los Angeles: What to Do Visiting

Places to Visit in Los Angeles 

Los Angeles (LA), in Southern California, is one of the largest and most exciting cities in the United States. The culturally diverse city is flowing with sights and sounds that make it one of the most exciting places to visit in the world. Home to Hollywood, brimming with actors, LA has become the film and entertainment industry center. People aspiring to practice their craft in front of the big screen arrive in droves every day. 

As the creative center of America, there will always be places to visit and scenes to enjoy. You will find incredible shopping, outstanding museums, fun family attractions, a thriving culinary scene, and more within the city. To fully enjoy your experience while in LA, you can rent a small bus to drive around town. 

Places to Visit in Los Angeles 

Several incredible places to visit in LA include: 

Petersen Automotive Museum 

Are you visiting LA with someone who loves cars? Or are you the car freak yourself? At Petersen automotive museum, you can see a remarkable assortment of vehicles. It has over four floors, all of which are full of a mix of temporary and permanent car exhibits. It is a sight that will make you consider packing up your bags and moving here permanently. 

There are over 300 vehicles and motorcycles for your viewing pleasure. All exhibits range from perfectly preserved cars from 1886 to new, 21st century concepts. The museum recently underwent significant renovations and is now up to current aesthetic standards. Many regard it as one of the most modern institutions of its kind. 

The exterior is also an eye-catching architectural masterpiece. For extra pay, you can sign up for a 90- or 120-minute guided Vault tour that provides additional insight into rare and unusual cars.  

The museum hosts a regular series of special exhibits that feature new, old, and unusual cars from the past, along with strange-looking vehicles you may see in the future. If this is an experience you are interested in, check out their website for more information to plan your next LA trip with it included. 

Places to Visit in Los Angeles 

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County 

One of the best activities in LA is getting a travel bus rental to take you to the Natural History Museum. You will learn about the numerous collections and extensive galleries that fill the museum. 

The museum must be one of your first stops if you have a thirst for knowledge. It has many collections covering a wide range of topics to help satisfy your desire to know more. As extensive as the displays are, the museum is famous for its dinosaur collections and has a 14,000 square foot Dinosaur Hall that displays its vast dinosaur skeletons. 

In the hall, you will find a series of Tyrannosaurus rex fossils, known as the growth series, featuring three complete skeletons ranging from baby to adult. You discover Triceratops and Stegosaurus on display, as well.  

The museum works with the natural history of California and other areas worldwide. One must-see exhibit is Becoming Los Angeles, exploring Southern California’s past 500 years of history. Another exhibit fascinating for the museum’s younger visitors is the Discovery Center and Insect Zoo

California Science Center 

The California Science Center, open to the public for free, is another must-see attraction. It is home to the Space Shuttle Endeavour, among other significant exhibits, like Mission 26: The Big Endeavour

You will find this exhibit at the Samuel Oschin Pavilion. It is looking to expand as the new Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center and is currently under construction. You can see the space shuttle and artifacts from the space mission and learn about the program and those involved. Other exhibits at the Science Center cover an array of topics. 

These topics range from the living world to technology and even the ecosystems. The Ecosystems exhibit features an impressive 188,000-gallon kelp tank, live plants, animals, and fish. The California Science Center also features special and permanent exhibitions, meaning there is always something new to see with each visit.