Best Spots to Visit in Los Angeles

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It does not matter if you visit Los Angeles (LA) for the first time or live in the city, as one of the most populated places globally has plenty of attractions to engage anyone. Even if you are an LA native, there are still gems to explore. 

With the mindboggling massive volume of land that the city holds, it is no surprise the city has so many attractions. Whether you are a tourist looking for something to do or a native searching for the best way to pass the time, there are always fantastic spots to enjoy. 

  • Hollywood Bowl
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The Hollywood Bowl is unapologetically characteristic of LA. Nothing is more typically LA than spending an evening under the stars as celebrities serenade you. You cannot claim to have visited the fun city without stepping foot here. 

The arena is one of the most famous venues in the world. It has hosted many celebrities, including Bob Dylan, Barbra Streisand, Lady Gaga, and Prince. The hallow concert ground has it all; its scenic backdrop and extra magical features make it the perfect spot for a magical concert. 

The arena kicked off its rise to legendary status on July 11, 1922. Before its first official season, it was home to several concerts, theatrical productions, and even an Easter Sunrise service. The first official program was a barebones experience to watch Alfred Hertz conduct the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

  • Venice Beach Boardwalk

When you arrive in LA for a vacation filled with fun, relaxation, and enjoyment, one of the first things to do is take a long beach charter bus to the Venice Beach Boardwalk. The Venice Beach Boardwalk is a two-mile Ocean Front Walk on Venice Beach.

You will find the busiest section of the beach starching from North Venice Boulevard at the south end to Park Avenue at the northern end. Around that section, you will also find bars and shops which extend to Rose Avenue.

Venice Beach also has various public art scattered around for your perusal, so as you explore the Boardwalk, enjoy the impressive murals, sculptures, and other public arts in the region. You do not want to miss the “Touch of Venice” mural.

  • The Broad
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When in LA, you must examine and appreciate the art. The city is home to many of the country’s most creative people—what better place to enjoy art in its purest form than at a museum. 

The Broad is a contemporary art museum on Grand Avenue in Downtown LA. The modern art museum is the public home for Eli and Edythe Broad’s collection of over 2,000 post-war works. Although you will not find all the art pieces in their entirety, 250 available for your viewing is more than enough to take in. Rent a private minibus to go to The Broad is one of the best things to do when visiting or living in LA. 

To fully appreciate the magnificence in which you stand, you must visit the museum as many times as you can. The Broad is a terrific addition to the museum landscape of LA. Yayoi Kusama’s “Infinity Mirrored Room” is a must-see in the museum. Once you step into the pint-sized chamber, lined with mirrors and LEDs, it transports you to a sparkling, pulsating starfield. 

Another breath-taking art piece to appreciate in the museum is Ragnar Kjartanson’s “The Visitors.” It is a single-take, hour-long video piece often tagged as the most sincere and beautiful installation in the entire museum. 

  • The Hollywood Sign
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First created in 1923, the Hollywood sign initially said “Hollywoodland” and was only supposed to be up for a year and a half. However, after a century, the iconic structure remains and has become one of the city’s hallmarks. Although there are several images of the Hollywood sign at many angles, there is no picture of you in front, an error you should rectify. The next time you find yourself in LA, be sure to see it and capture the moment while there. 

Getting close to the sign is no small feat, as local homeowners often object to it. On Beachwood Drive, you can catch a glimpse of the structure. Going further up the hill, close to Lake Hollywood Park, you can also get a closer look.