Everything You Need to Know About Charter Bus Rentals

Charter Bus

Royal American Tours is the complete charter bus rental solution for groups of all sizes and ages. Think of how much fun you and a group of your friends would have renting one of our outstanding charter buses. Royal American Tours offers several charter bus rentals to ensure that your group travels safely together enroute to the adventure of a lifetime.

What is a charter bus?

A charter bus is a vehicle that is used for the private use of groups and organizations to visit desired destinations. People in large groups find this mode of transportation is better than taking a crowded bus with frequent stops.

What’s the difference between a charter bus and a mini bus?

A charter bus holds a large capacity of people. Royal American Tours provide a memorable experience that allows for great service, affordable prices, state-of-the-art transportation, and guaranteed safety. 

Royal American Tours provide an Ultra Luxury Charter Bus by Mercedes-Benz and a Luxury Charter Bus provided by MCI. Each seats up to 56 passengers comfortably.

A mini bus will hold a smaller capacity than your average charter bus, but will not be short of fun! If you know you are not going to have a large group, a mini bus is the perfect solution to not having a half empty charter bus.

Royal American Tours provide an Ultra Luxury Mini Bus with our 2019 Ford E-Series Cutaway Plus as well as a Luxury Mini Bus with our 2019 Ford E-Series Cutaway Plus. The Ultra Luxury Mini Bus holds up to 30 passengers while the Luxury Mini Bus provides seats for up to 24 passengers.

What do our charter buses look like?

It’s hard to miss a Royal American Tours charter bus! With big panoramic windows, you and your group won’t miss any sights along your travels. Natural lighting will illuminate the bus during the day to help soak in that vitamin D. Our charter buses have large doors underneath the bus to provide ample storage for all of your luggage and equipment.

Cushioned seats will greet you as you enter the bus. These seats have the ability to recline and provide maximum comfort. A bathroom is located in the back and overhead bins run the length of the bus to keep all of your personal belongings safe and secure throughout the ride.

Why rent a charter bus?

Why not?! Sports teams, organizations, group outings, and businesses frequently rent charter buses to transport their group from one destination to the next. A charter bus is also a great rental idea for weddings, church groups, music festivals, and a group of sports fans following their local sports teams.

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How many people can a charter bus accommodate?

Charter buses come in a number of different sizes with varying seat capacities. Most charter buses have around 56 seats. Charter buses can range from 36 to 60 seats depending on the bus.

What amenities can we expect on a charter bus?

Royal American Tours is excited to provide our guests with the best possible charter bus experience. Our charter buses include:

  • Cushioned seats
  • Air conditioning (California is HOT!)
  • A compact bathroom
  • TV monitors with a DVD player

Since not all charter buses are the same, please be sure to tell our reservations specialists exactly what you are looking for inside of the charter bus. We do our best to accommodate our guests as much as we can.

How much storage is actually available?

If having ample storage room is important to your group, charter buses are a great option. There is plenty of room available on the bus for some of your personal possessions to be stored above your seats. There is enough room for backpacks and small suitcases, as well as easy access to any of your belongings.

For larger items, there are compartments underneath the bus. There is almost an entire bus lengths worth of storage available for your group. If you are a ski group, musical band, or planning an elaborate golf trip, our charter buses will have the optimal storage you need to bring everything you need to your destination.

Do you have Wheelchair Accessibility?

Companies are required by the Amercans with Disabilities Act to provide a bus that is wheelchair accessible. Not all charter buses are wheelchair accessible, so be sure to mention this to your reservation specialist when booking your trip.

Do charter buses have seatbelts?

Any buses that were manufactured before 2016 were not required to have seatbelts. Any buses that were manufactured after 2016 were required to have seatbelts on their charter bus. Depending on the model that you get, you may or may not have seatbelts on the bus. If you require seat belts, please mention this to your reservation specialist.

Are all your drivers trained?

All of our charter buses operate according to federal safety regulations. Our drivers all possess a CDL and have all the training necessary to operate a motorcoach. We take great pride in the expertise and professionalism of all our drivers.

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    How far in advance should I book my trip?

    The more advance notice you can give about a trip, the better. Our rates will be better 1-3 months out before a trip. If you know you are going to try to book a charter during a busy time of the year, you should consider booking 6-9 months in advance.

    Are pets allowed on the bus?

    Pets are not allowed on the charter bus. However, service animals are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act and can ride with someone who is disabled.

    Are food and drinks allowed on the charter bus?

    It is highly recommended that you bring snacks with you for the trip. It is also advisable to bring water with you. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the bus. Smoking and vaping are also prohibited aboard the bus.

    What information should I have prepared when booking a charter bus?

    It is important that you have as much information as possible when booking a charter bus. This will allow the charter service to determine the right bus for your group, as well as provide you with the best quote possible. Information that you should have before booking a charter bus includes:

    1. Pick up location address and drop off location address
    2. Start and end date
    3. Pickup and dropoff times
    4. Number of passengers on the trip
    5. How much storage will be needed
    6. Number of stops during the trip and possible stop locations
    7. Amenities needed such as wheelchair access, WiFi, power outlets, etc.

    What will the charter bus cost?

    Royal American Tours have a standard flat-rate fee for taxes and fueling purposes. The cost will vary based on the vehicle, party-size, and miles of transportation from the departing location. You can request a free quote with your preferred destination and personal information.

    Where does your charter bus travel?

    Royal American Tours travel to various locations around Los Angeles and beyond including Las Vegas, Primm Valley, San Manuel Casino in San Bernardino, and San Diego. Some of our more popular LA-based destinations include the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Disneyland, and the iconic Hollywood Sign. You name it and we’ll show you the best that California has to offer!