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Taking a trip is a luxury everyone dreams of doing. However, often organizing it is more than enough to detract most from going. Los Angeles, the second-largest city in the US and biggest in California, is filled with all kinds of people, especially Hollywood cliches, from movie stars to wannabe actors, musicians, and surfers. 

With many people crowding the city daily, millions more arrive every day, leading to tons of traffic that constantly besieges LA. Regardless, many still surges into the city, whether for living, sightseeing, or another reason. 

Things to See and Do in Los Angeles 

LA is a beautiful city, full of several spots for people to marvel at and enjoy. The city design is in a way that keeps residents in mind. It has various cool places, for groups or individuals, to relax and sightsee. If you are going as a group, you may want a long beach charter bus as an option to take you around. 

Tour Universal Studio Hollywood 

Universal Studio Hollywood is one of the largest working movie studios and theme parks worldwide. The Studio Tour lasts forty-five minutes to about an hour, providing a behind-the-scenes look at Hollywood and its various active film sets. It is a perfect exercise for groups, as everyone can explore where some of their favorite movies and television shows took place and learn more about the processes making them. 

The tour encompasses multiple attractions, including a visit to the plane crash from War of Worlds, Peter Jackson’s King Kong, and the Bates Hotel from Psycho, to name just a few. The theme park also has other activities, particularly immersive lands, like the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Jurassic World, and The Simpsons ride. 

While in LA, check out Universal City Walk’s shops, restaurants, and atmosphere. It is the perfect way to relax and soak in the city. 

Party on Sunset Boulevard 

Sunset Boulevard might be the most famous street in LA. The road runs from downtown to the ocean, passing through the “Sunset Strip” with its beaches and movie studios on its way. The street begins as a route between Hollywood stars’ elite neighborhoods and Hollywood studios. 

The street is highly famous and picture-perfect for posting on social media platforms. Also, if your group spends enough time there, who knows, you may get lucky and be able to spot a celebrity or two. 

Explore Old Town Pasadena 

Just ten minutes from Los Angeles, the historic downtown Pasadena is a pedestrian-friendly zone stretching twenty-two blocks. The area has several fantastic boutique shops and other activities you could spend hours exploring. 

The area has restaurants and nightspots, too, if anyone fancies that. Old Town Pasadena is an excellent spot for groups to explore and check out with a little something for everyone. It is an eclectic area where people of all ages come to hang out. 

Shop at the Farmers Market and the Grove 

Since there is so much to do and see while in LA, renting a small bus to take you around the city is an incredible idea. Direct the bus to the Farmers Market to have a splendid time surveying a variety of fresh, local goods for sale. Specifically, tons of delicious goods and artisan creations are available, such as fresh bread, fruit, vegetables, and a delicious food court, among other items. 

The Farmer’s Market is a perfect place to spend an afternoon. Around the Farmers Market is an outdoor shopping area called the Grove that features popular stores and a movie theater. You can also learn about the history of the Farmer’s Market while sampling the delicious foods. 

Take a Walk on the Beach  

How can someone visit LA and not go to a beach at least once? Doing so is unimaginable. The local beaches are beautiful places, whether going for a walk, relaxing in the sun, taking a dip in the ocean, or whatever the reason. With a blanket, you can spend afternoons away watching the waves and the people around you. 

Two of the most famous beaches include Venice Beach and Santa Monica. The Santa Monica Pier, constructed in 1909, is a fantastic way to spend the day. The beach offers several rides, including a Ferris wheel, carnival games, and greasy food stations everyone loves, like funnel cake and hot dogs. It is sure to be a fun-filled day thanks to the carnival-like atmosphere there. 


LA is a great city with lots to offer residents and visitors. Even though so many people live here at once, most can agree the city has a certain appeal to it unlike anywhere else in the world. Los Angeles is for the living, and you will most definitely have the time of your life living here or visiting.