Six Reasons To Rent A Travel Bus For Your Birthday Getaway

renting a bus for birthday party

Your birthday is coming up, and you want to spend it with friends in a nearby destination, but how are you going to pull that off? That is where Royal American Tours comes in. Planning these life moments can often be a major headache, especially when multiple people are involved. Travel logistics are just one of the many issues you have to deal with, but we can make this burden far less of a hassle. If relaxing Palm Springs or bustling Los Angeles is on your mind for a weekend birthday getaway, renting a small bus is probably just what you need.

Forget the days of coordinating carpools or pooling gas money, and focus on the details that matter on your special weekend away. So kick back, relax, and think about these six reasons as to why you should rent a travel bus for your birthday getaway.

Everyone Can Be Together Every Step Of The Way

The point of sharing these moments with the ones we love is to be together. Birthdays are about making memories, having shared experiences, and, of course, not worrying too much. By renting a travel bus, you can have peace of mind that everyone will make it to the destination together and not miss out on any of the festivities. Turn your travel bus into a far overdue family reunion, or create a playlist for the journey that will get the party started.

These journeys to the final destination are when people can catch up with one another and get into the party spirit. It is nearly impossible to do so if everyone is in separate cars or focusing on the road. Allow people to unplug for the weekend as well and make driving one less thing they have to plan on doing.

Safety Guaranteed!

Safety is not only the most important aspect of our business but also a top concern for anyone hosting a large-scale event. Our drivers are fully certified to operate our travel buses and will guarantee that you and your guests will arrive safely at your final destination. Our vehicles are also regularly inspected for maintenance issues; therefore, you can feel ensured that your journey will be as stress-free as possible.

Whether we acknowledge it or not, driving is statistically the most dangerous activity we do on a daily basis. By placing you and your loved ones in the hands of a certified bus driver, you will not have to worry about anyone encountering issues on the road. There is also a greater sense of security when you are surrounded by those you love! Enjoy their company and know that you are in safe hands every step of the way.

Take In The Sights

As the saying goes – eyes on the road at all times! When you are driving yourself or others to your birthday festivities, you cannot take in all of the beautiful southern California scenery around you. By using a travel bus rental, the road trip to your birthday festivities becomes a festivity of its own! This is also a great option if some of your guests come from out of town. Instead of focusing on unfamiliar roads, they can properly see all that our beautiful state has to offer (and take plenty of photos, of course.)

Whether you are taking in Palm Springs’ amazing desert landscape or all of the sights of Los Angeles, your birthday bus will be the perfect opportunity for photo ops.

It is cost-effective!

Gas these days is expensive, and things only get more complicated when your group does not have enough cars to accommodate everyone. Making someone rent a car for your weekend getaway can disincentivize them to join you, and that is always a bummer. Instead of posting so many additional costs and expenses to your guests, offer the idea of splitting a travel bus equally. This can become a cheaper, more comfortable, and far more enjoyable experience.

Unparalleled Comfort

Our buses are the top-of-the-line when it comes to comfort. Your guests can enjoy air conditioning, soft seats, and plenty of legroom on the journey to your fun weekend. The last thing people want to do is endure an uncomfortable or long journey (especially if there is traffic) before a great few days away, so this is a wonderful option for ensuring that everyone’s weekend is off to a positive start. If you or one of your guests need special accommodations, feel free to let us know as well!

The More, The Merrier!

Renting a small bus is one of the easiest ways to make sure everyone you want for your birthday will be there. Do not stress over people’s travel plans, car availability, or other issues that could deter them from joining you. Our buses have the space, and we can get you and your large group exactly where you need to be!