Touring Los Angeles

rent a bus to tour around Los Angeles

Los Angeles (LA) sits pretty as the largest city in California. With its large volume of land and boggling volume of water bodies, the city has more than enough to offer everyone. The number one city is full of attractions that will pull tourists and amaze locals alike. Taking a vacation to the big, bright, and beautiful city is something everyone must do at least once in their lifetimes. 

The sprawling city is well known as the film and entertainment industry center. It has been a place crawling with aspiring actors for over a century. Stars form in that city, and many more, keep coming, hoping for their big break. The culturally diverse town is fascinating, with a thriving culinary scene and family-friendly fun activities and attractions. 

Los Angeles Attractions 

There are a million and one places you can visit in LA, and you will barely scratch the surface of the fantastic attractions the town has to offer. While touring LA, it is best to have someone familiar with the lay of the land behind the wheels. You are free to gaze, marvel, and wonder by renting a small bus. You can also drive past incredible views and beautiful streets, not on the map. 

  • Getty Center 

The Getty Villa was formerly home to J. Paul Getty’s incredible art collection. The decades-old Pacific Palisades home was revamped in 1997 when the Getty Center opened in Brentwood. The building is highly remarkable, with distinctive travertine and white metal-clad pavilions. 

A stroll into the center, and you will see ornate French furniture, famous Impressionist pieces, and a series of rotating exhibitions. It is a hidden gem worth the stress when around the fabulous art. The astonishing views out the windows also make this center worth the stress. 

Once at the bottom, you take the electric tram up the hill and treat yourself to a beautiful view. They display the artworks in four permanent pavilions. The West Pavilion’s Impressionist pieces often work well with the crowd. A familiar favorite is Van Gogh’s Irises. In the South Pavilion, you will find French decorative arts, and in the East Pavilion are the baroque room recreations. The North Pavilion features art exclusively made before 1700; the most exquisite collection of illuminated manuscripts is on the lower floors. 

  • Santa Monica Pier  

The main attraction of the iconic Santa Monica Beach is the Santa Monica Pier. A travel bus rental can get you there efficiently and quickly without dealing with the terrible LA traffic. You can do millions of fun things at Santa Monica Pier, including a Ferris wheel, aquarium, fairground games, and cotton candy stands. 

Weekends with beautiful weather bring out the families in droves. You will also find the beach bums and the gym athletes who fill in their exercise quota by the waterside. The Pier recently played host to some outdoor film and music events. So, this brings an entirely different crowd to the Pier. You might get lucky and have a chance to rub shoulders with the hipper crowd of LA on your visit to the park. 

  • Hollywood Bowl 

The Hollywood Bowl is a Los Angeles treasure that goes as far back as 1922. Located in its prime location, the Hollywood Bowl with its stunning open-air theater has been a regular feature on the large and small screens. It has also served as a stepping-stone for many household names that we know in the acting and entertainment industry. 

When the arena does not have an event booking, it is open to the public for perusal. If you want to see some live concert action, you should prepare for a picnic. Enjoying a breeze with your family, friend, or lover with a glass or two of wine and live entertainment; is there anything better? 

  • Grand Central Market  

Right in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles is this European-style food hall. The food hall has been set up shop on the ground floor of the iconic Homer Laughlin Building since 1917. Since then, there have been several changes, continually pushing and promoting the grand market as a must-visit for locals and tourists. 

With the changes come newer stalls with different culinary skills. A trip to the Grand Central Market is a trip to culinary paradise. Visitors have the option of choosing breakfast staples like Eggslut and breakfast burritos from Jose Chiquito. Lunchtime comes several meals from Sticky Rice like Hainan chicken and tacos at Tacos Tumbras a Tomas. You can also get vegan ramen from Ramen Hood and freshly made pasta at Knead & Co.