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Bus Trips


San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino
777 San Manuel Blvd
Highland, CA 92346

- $350.00 includes all taxes and fuel
- Passengers all receive a $10 Slot credit at the casino
- Passengers stay at the casino for 5 hours
- Minimum of 50 passengers above the age of 21 with valid photo ID is required
- There is a $20.00 fee per missing passenger on the day of the trip


Spotlight 29 Casino
46-200 Harrison Place
Coachella, CA 92236


-$999.00 includes all taxes and fuel
- Passengers all receive $35.00 play money at the casino
- Passengers stay at the casino for 5 hours
- Minimum of 50 passengers above the age of 21 with valid photo ID is required
- There is a $20.00 fee per missing passenger on the day of the trip


Fantasy Springs Resort Casino
84-245 Indio Springs Drive Indio, CA 92203


- $1,199.00 includes all taxes and fuel - Passengers all receive $40.00 play money at the casino
- Passengers stay at the casino for 5 hours
- Minimum of 50 passengers above the age of 21 with valid photo ID is required
- There is a $25.00 fee per missing passenger on the day of the trip


Buffalo Bills Resort & Casino Turnaround Trip
31900 S. Las Vegas Blvd
Primm, NV 89019

- $799.00 includes all taxes and fuel
- Passengers stay at the casino for 8 hours
- Minimum of 55 passengers are required. Passengers must be 21 & over with a valid photo ID.
- There is a $20.00 fee per missing passenger which must be paid to the driver in cash.


Affordable Bus Rental and Bus Charter in Los Angeles

Whether your plan is to have a chill ride when touring around the best places in Cali or just planning to throw an amazing and unique celebration by considering to catch deals that include party bus rental in Los Angeles, Royal American Tours & Charter might just be the company you are looking for!

We at Royal American Tours & Charter strives towards giving our clients that best ride that they can experience their lives. In that desire, we revolve our inspections around these most important qualities that must be possessed by our offered bus charter in Los Angeles and in many parts of California:


- Matchless Comfortability
For all the various tour packages and rental coverages we offer, what we ensure first of all is that each and every one of our charter buses, vans, and SUVs is able to provide matchless comfortability to all passengers. With the newest innovations from the fanciest seats to unequaled technologies of entertainment, we guarantee that you can experience the best within the comforts of our vehicles.


- Fabulous Auxiliary A menities
In addition to the comfort that our charter buses and vans can bring, we also see to it that you can live out an extraordinary moment while you spend an unforgettable trip with us. With us, you get to experience the best of casinos and resorts in all of California and Nevada.


- Amazing Affordability
This is the catch: you can have the best encounters with the most comfortable ride and superb stop-overs in Cali—all at a very affordable price. At Royal American Tours & Charter, we believe that the best rides are not measured by how much you had spent but by how much you had enjoyed.


Royal American Tours & Charter gives high priority to all these factors in our desire to bring out to our clients all the best out of their experience with our services! What are you waiting for? Scroll down a little bit and check out the details of the exclusive amenities we have in store for you.


Things You Should Know about Bus Trips

When people travel to another city, state, or country, one of the most popular modes of transportation is by chartered bus. At Royal American Tours, we do whatever it takes to ensure each and every one of our clients has a phenomenal experience as they use our charter bus services. Whether you’re looking to come along on one of our pre-planned tours or need a charter bus rental to get you and your group to the destination of your choice, you can trust Royal American Tours for a safe, luxurious, and affordable charter bus experience.

Below, we cover everything you need to know about chartered bus trips with Royal American tours. We begin by listing all the benefits of traveling by chartered bus, then give you tips on how to make the most of your experience during a chartered bus trip..


What are the Benefits of a Chartered Bus Trip?


Our bus services are extremely reliable

By providing our clients with high-quality services since 2002, we’ve become one of the most reputable and reliable charter bus companies. Regardless of where you are located or where you need to go, our drivers will be there on time and ready to go. In addition, every vehicle in our fleet is maintained with great care by our experts, ensuring that the buses are always in great condition both inside and out.


The easiest means of transportation

With our Royal American Tours services, simply sit back and relax as we transport you and your group to your destination with style and comfort. Leave all the worry of coordinating transportation and driving behind by renting a chartered bus. Navigating your way around a new city can be far from pleasant if you don’t know where you’re going. Even with directions, you can’t navigate your way around with the same relaxation as you would have when someone is doing the driving. Instead, let our world-class chauffeurs take your group around. Whether it’s one way or round trip, we’ll pick you and your group up at the destination and time of your choice.


Charter buses remain one of the safest means to travel

Statistics show that a person can reduce his or her chance of being in an accident by more than 90% by taking a bus as opposed to commuting by car. Each of our drivers at Royal American Tours are highly trained professionals that possess special certificates and have undergone background checks. All of our drivers are very experienced in driving in all types of weather and conditions, and are committed to getting passengers to their destinations safely and in a timely manner. They understand that their duty is to drive you safely to your destination and they focus on that while you relax.


Affordable prices for all of our services

At Royal American Tours, we strive to provide our clients with the most affordable rates in the industry on all of our service. Whether you’re looking to rent a charter bus or come along on one of our tours, you’ll find competitive prices that will fit your budget. We also offer free quotes on all of our services.


How to get the Best out of your next Bus Trips

Here are some ideas to make your next bus tour memorable:

Keep your devices charged, right at your seat

There is a power outlet at every seat of most tour buses. Whether you want to post a picture from the bus on social media or watch a movie from your device, you can do so without being worried about draining your battery. With your phone plugged throughout the journey, you'll get off the bus with a fully charged phone, no matter how much you use it during your trip.


Remember your earplugs and eye mask

With your earplugs, you can control what you listen to. There may be a time you want to listen to specific music from your phone or you just don’t want to listen to the discussion going on in the bus. Your earplugs become very useful. Should you want to sleep, having a good eye mask will help cover your eyes from the rays of the sun and make your sleep more enjoyable while traveling through the countryside.


Get the best seat for scenic photos

If you want to get some good shots, sit close to the window or any other position that will enable you to do this seamlessly. Get some essentials in your travel bag There are some little things that may not come to your mind immediately while packing for your trip. However, they are essential. Examples are toiletries and medication. While it may be possible to get these items along the way while traveling, you might have to pay tourist prices depending on where your trip takes you!


Make preparation for extra comfort on the bus

Although tour buses have been made extremely comfortable over the past years with adjustable plush seats, you can still do your own part to get maximum comfort while onboard. Bring along a neck pillow and make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes if you plan on going on a trip that’s long-distance.


Extra Bus Trip Entertainment

You will most likely get a flat screen on your tour bus for movies. You can see a movie to relax and pass the time. However, to enhance the entertainment part of your trip you can do some few more things if you so desire. Some of the things you can carry along are your iPad, Smart Phones, a book, magazine, newspaper, binoculars, puzzles, and games.


Get some travel snacks

Charter bus trips usually have planned stops for dinner and often for lunch. With that said, it’s wise to bring along a few snacks of your own in case you get a little hungry on the road.

When you’re looking for a charter bus rental, Royal American Tour is the most trusted name in the industry. With over 15 years of experience, we know what it takes to provide our clients with an unbelievable experience. Contact us today if you have any questions, would like a free quote, or need more information by calling (818) 547-3737.