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Charter Bus Rental Los Angeles

Since the 1960s, Los Angeles, California is home to a unique car culture. Residents have carried a brawling love for their cars; extending towards famous movies revolving around Los Angeles’ car scene.. Los Angeles Conservancy explains that, “… L.A.'s symbiotic relationship with the automobile reshaped architecture and the way people lived.” Ultimately, contemporary Los Angeles inhabitants’ idiosyncratic, car-centric lifestyle intertwines the Greater Los Angeles culture with luxurious transportation.

Ride Royal American Tours & Charter Bus | California’s Finest Charter Busses

Royal American Tours & Charter Buses embodies the Los Angeles culture that it caters to, welcoming outsiders to partake in the phenomenon. Whether you are tasting Malibu’s sushi scene, sipping Silver Lake’s captivating coffee shops, gazing at the luminescent stars from the Observatory, or venturing to Downtown Los Angeles’ architecture, four-wheels are the way to go. And, guess what? Royal American Tours & Charter has got you covered. In Southern California, charter buses are safe and provide a fantastic setting for large group travel experiences.

The Safest Los Angeles Charter Bus Company

In the city of endless freeway junctions, your safety is our priority. Since 2002, Royal American Tours provides safe transportation for a holistic experience, filled with memorable moments. We make visiting Los Angeles’ hottest spots affordable, luxurious, and above all -- safe. Hence, our fleets incorporate standard safety procedures with daily and weekly transportation maintenance for the safest experience.

Royal American Tours’ staff members hold decades of experience in logistics and transportation; specializing in safety, punctuality, and reliability. Especially in trips outside of Los Angeles, passengers’ safety and comfort is greatly respected. All passengers receive the utmost care, with guaranteed comfort in our state-of-the-art vehicles.

To locations inclusive of casinos, we make sure our passengers carry valid proof of age (21+) in order to enter these wonderful facilities without issues. We take the law seriously for you to enjoy your time effortlessly. Not to mention, Royal American Tours & Charter comprises of the comfiest fleets you could imagine.

North American and European automotive creativity is what we provide. Why? Well, when traveling, comfort is a major component of qualitative experiences. As travelers ourselves, we guarantee to accommodate the best, from the best, for the best.

Award-Winning Charter Bus | Los Angeles, CA

Balance is key. In a fast-paced LA-lifestyle, sunny skies set the essential setting for comfort and relaxation. Royal American Tours & Charter combines standard safety procedures with comfort in luxurious fashion. Whether you choose German automotive engineering, or the calm and smooth Canadian motors, Royal American Tours provides the best automobile experience.

Whether you are traveling an hour away to San Manuel Casino, or our neighboring State of Nevada, our driving technicians will make the voyage feel seamless. We strongly believe that comfort is a quality we embody. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! What we ask of you? Select one of our luxurious vehicles, and we’ll take care of the rest in extraordinary style!

Charter Bus Rental Los Angeles | Luxurious Selection

Paying homage to LA’s diversity, our fleet comprises of a versatile selection -- catering to a multitude of unique purposes. Royal American Tours’ selection in charter buses gives the client a luxurious choice to select from. With our variety from German to North American automotive engineering, we provide the newest and slickest, smooth drives to your destination of choice:

We currently offer the following two charter bus selections:

Ultra Luxury Charter Bus

Ultra Luxury Charter Bus: Mercedes-Benz

  • Full Sized
  • PA system for communicative purposes,
  • AM, FM radio player,
  • Auxiliary jack for personalized music preferences,
  • DVD players (personalized)
  • Restroom
  • Extra Luggage Compartments
  • Reclining seats (extra legroom)
  • Handicap accessible
  • + more!

Luxury Charter Bus

Luxury Charter Bus: MCI

  • Full Sized
  • PA system for communicative purposes,
  • AM, FM radio player,
  • Auxiliary jack for personalized music preferences,
  • DVD player,
  • Restroom
  • Luggage Compartments
  • Reclining seats
  • Handicap accessible
  • + more!

Each charter bus seats up to 56 passengers comfortably, and provides comfort through amenities and entertainment. Designed for extra leg space, either choice will create a luxurious environment to travel in -- especially in trips to San Diego, Primm Valley, Las Vegas, and more.

To learn more about our charter bus fleet, check out our FAQs on our homepage, or contact us! Our friendly operators will do their best to answer your questions, and accommodate your needs through a Free Quote.

Looking for Mini Buses?

Charter buses too big for you? Sometimes, bigger is not always better -- we understand. Mini buses prove worthy of groups of 15-24, looking to maximize their spatial needs. Whether you are looking to visit San Francisco with your family, a field trip to the Science Museum, or off to an engagement party in style, Royal American Tours & Charter has got you covered.

With a fantastic, untroubled drive, the Ford E-Series is amongst the most respected mini buses in the industry. Check out our 24-passenger, exceptional Ford mini bus options for a more compact and cozy feeling. To learn more about our mini bus fleet, check out the Royal American Tours & Charter mini busses!

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As one of the Top 3 Largest Cities in America, Los Angeles presents various spots to sightsee. With so many places to check out, we provide various destinations to choose from -- both in locations, and transportation types. Plus, we offer our packages at reasonable prices. With us, you can kiss your travel-worries goodbye. At Royal American Tours & Charter, we always ensure that our rentals are always in top condition, ready, and reliable. Start your Free Quote today to get started!

Charter Bus Tips & Recommendations

Tips On What to Expect of Los Angeles Charter Buses

Based on more than a decade and a half of experience, our charter buses are commonly rented by groups of 25, or more. Seating 25 passengers comfortably, our fleet deems worthy for adventurous groups wanting that extra comfort, and size. With restroom amenities, traveling becomes much more efficient with less stops. However, don’t worry. If your group would like a stop for some fresh air, of course your driver will stop at the safest location for a breather!

Field Trips and Excursions

Students deserve a break, too. As former students ourselves, we provide essential transportation services to school field trips of desired locations. Our fleets fit classroom sizes perfectly, and with our aforementioned safety procedures, it relaxes not only the students, but the chaparrones as well.

For field trips and school activities, we recommend visiting our Top 10 Field Trip Locations:

Looking for a different spot to take the students? We 100% support it! Fill out one of our Free Quote forms to get started on your next journey with your lovely students!