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Luxury Car Rental In Los Angeles

At Royal American Tours & Charter, we strive hard to provide the best service vehicles for our clients to give them a remarkable experience. Rest assured your travel experience with us will be safe, relaxing and enjoyable. Our vehicles are equipped with clean air engines.



We offer several deluxe motor coaches just for you! Our motor coaches are equipped with reclining seats, footrests, headrests, seat belts, individual temperature controls, large luggage compartments, lavatories, multiple monitors, CD and DVD so you can sit back and relax while waiting to arrive in your destination. We can accommodate 45, 50, 55, 56, 57 or 61 passengers. We provide different kinds of luxury car rental around Los Angeles. With our deluxe motor coaches we can provide all your transportation needs and more!


When it comes to quality and cleanliness our fleet car transport business does not take chances. All of our vehicles from our rental minibuses to our best luxury sedans get inspected weekly to ensure they are always in top condition.


Since 2002 Royal American Tours & Charter has been servicing the community of Los Angeles and continues to do so today. Today our fleet lease cars are still available as well as the availability to rent minibuses. Our company has had many types of clients from the area of Los Angeles over the years and our client base continues to grow. Our services are offered to all. No matter whom our clients are, or how many, we always aim to provide the best service possible.


At the very core of our company we feel it is our mission to ensure that you receive only the highest level of professionalism and respect. When it comes to our clients we aim to excel in comfort, reliability, and hold ourselves to the highest of standards in safety. We hire only the most qualified drivers available; see more on this below!

We provide different kinds of luxury car rental around Los Angeles

Luxury Motor Coach

One of our pride when it comes to luxury car rental around Los Angeles is our luxury motor coach! It can accommodate up to 56 passengers and each vehicle is equipped with seat belts, headrest, footrest, reclining seats, overhead luggage area, individual temperature controller and lavatory. Each seat also has electrical outlets, USB plugs and bus luggage compartments.


Royal American Tours & Charter has only the most practiced and knowledgeable drivers on our workforce. All of our drivers have, at minimum, 10 years of driving experience. There is no question that concerning our passengers; safety is our number one priority. Every driver is a trained professional who is skilled and licensed to operate all of our vehicles.


Our environmentally friendly vehicles utilize only clean air engines. The clean air engines used in our vehicles help to lessen the problems caused by pollution. The engines installed in our fleet will help to keep everyone healthier longer and help to impact society in a positive way.


If you are interested or just wish to check out our prices you can receive a free quote in the free quotes section of our website. We can help fulfill your desires and dreams of celebrating your event the way you want. We offer affordable prices to Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. We offer various packages to choose from and we never compromise in the quality of our service.


Ultra Luxury Motor
Coach - Mercedes Benz

Aside from luxury motor coach, Royal American Tours & Charter proudly offers ultra-luxury motor coach. It has the same features as the luxury motor coach; the only difference is that it has a refrigerator, sky view and leather seats. For a more comfortable ride, we use Mercedes Benz!


For our ultra-luxury motor coaches we use Mercedes Benz. The automobile manufacturers who make the Mercedes Benz have been known for making their vehicles with durability and quality since they first started making them. They only offer the best or they do not offer it at all. For our clients at Royal American Tours & Charter we offer this option for those who want that little extra comfort of riding in style and ultimate comfort. Those clients will be riding in luxury knowing they are riding in one of the most well-known car brands in the world; a Mercedes Benz.


Since the humble start of our service in 2002 we have had customers who kept coming back for more. With all the return customers we have had over the years we have kept our quality and standards high ensuring a safe and reliable service. Our return customers know that we mean business when it comes to our clients and that we don’t hold anything back with our service. Book one of our vehicles now and find out for yourself what a wonderful experience it can be!


No matter what size group you have we can accommodate you and help you to have the most pleasant and amazing experience. We offer various options for those who have less need for large scale transportation. Under the contact us section of our website we have a wide variety of packages for you to choose from. Here at Royal American Tours & Charter we provide only the most unforgettable of experiences.



Los Angeles’ bus tours are made possible by Royal American Tours & Charter. We offer first class minibuses which are all equipped with tall-backed seats and seatbelts and are maintained to an extremely high standard. For our customers’ safety, we only hire professional and knowledgeable drivers. Our minibuses are ideal for groups ranging from 20-30 persons.


Luxury Sedans and SUVs

Isn’t it cool to see a pristine sedan pull up to a restaurant and when the driver opens the door, people can’t help but look to see you step out of the car? Add a little glamour and mystery to your life. Ridesharing companies do not inspect their vehicles nor do they drug test their drivers. As for Royal American Tours & Charter,we are a competent transportation company that takes pride in our work and we make sure each driver is professional and courteous.


Royal American Tours & Charter also has vans for rent. If you are 10 to 14 persons who do not want to rent a minibus, then this one is perfect for you! Just like other vehicles, our vans are also being inspected on a weekly basis to ensure that it is still in its top condition.


Have any questions or concerns regarding our service. You can easily reach us by calling our number or by filling out the form with your information and message in the contact us section of our website. Contact Royal American Tours & Charter today!